Disparity Ends where Hope Begins

The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation mobilizes resources to build people's self-sufficiency through health, educational knowledge-sharing, and workforce opportunity. Our initiatives, alliances, expert advisors, and solutions-oriented work empowers people in meaningful ways for life-changing results.

Moving Beyond with Education, Health, and Opportunity

The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation (VFFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Its principles, values, and intention stem from the oldest living survivor of one of the worst race massacres in the USA's history. Taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921, also referred to as Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre. The Foundation partnerships define new levels of trust and operate for the Good of humanity, believing we are stronger together. The VFFF aligns with leaders who serve at the front edge of noble causes that empower self-sufficiency through health, education, and economic opportunity. 

Perseverance Paves the Path to Progress

Core Principles and Values

Ms. Fletcher's vision for leadership transcends the overgeneralized word labels that needlessly separate people, tribes, neighbors, and families. She believes we are stewards of advancement; that technology and human ingenuity can empower people in generationally beneficial ways. Encourages education, wisdom, self-accountability, and hard work, Viola is asking wise leaders to work to end humanity's short-sighted perpetual polarization, discord, and generational disparity; globally so no child or person should needlessly suffer.

Empowered, Self-sufficient, NOT Subsistent

Solutions to one's most pressing challenges will arise organically, creatively when meaningful and accessible mentorship, education, safe spaces to rest, grow, and play exist. Creative freedom fuels sustainable innovation, growth, and advancement.

Breakthrough Mindsets

The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation is a rallying point for philanthropic giving and high-performance program initiatives. Its purpose is to get things done that matter to not just some but all people.  

No child or person needs to suffer from another's short-sightedness. We operate at the forefront of disruptive change; lifting people from challenging circumstances is not simple. That is why we are unafraid to dialogue, engaging broad perspectives and experiences to operationalize programs that affect the root causes of our most pressing challenges.  Interested in pulling up a chair to the table to solve real problems. 

Humanity's Sustainability

Strengthening, renewing, and empowering people in sustainable environments is essential to our initiatives. We ground our endeavors upon a structural base of humanity's shared fundamental needs. 

Systems of Learning

The key to this initiative is knowledge, identifying it, then extending best practices to build self-sustainability. Learn more about how we are creating experiences and mentor-mentee resources in several fundamental areas. 

Advancing Health & Wellbeing

This initiative focuses on advancing health and sustainable lifestyles for underserved populations. We combine human expertise and advanced technological capabilities to promote individual health and wellbeing while optimizing our global care systems.