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Donations fund our stable business operations, communication tools, transportation, and human resource procurement. All of this is necessary to support improving lives.

So, your donation supports both our operation and programs. We operate with an ethical framework that assists in optimizing, so we do our best to provide demonstratable outcomes. In the end, it is people who will make the breakthroughs. People who care and choose to improve their lives and that of others. Thank you for caring and working with us to move forward to health and prosperity.

Today begins the end of Racism, Despair, Polarizing Discord
Together we are Human's choosing
the right things for the right reasons

to improve lives.

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Our relationship with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management makes it easy to contribute. To engage in support, simply select the link below, and your donation will be securely and professionally managed. Additionally, you or your organization may choose to engage more formally on a collaborative initiative for which funds can be directly applied.

With your support, TOGETHER we

  • Begin to End Racism, Despair, Polarizing Disagreement

  • Combine Technology Innovation with Human Ingenuity

  • Place Knowledge and Information in the Palm of a Hand

  • Advance Education, Workforce Opportunity, Health & Wellbeing

  • Build Next-Generation Safe Spaces to Play, Learn, Rest Our Heads, Earn

  • Provide Sustainable Fresh Air, Water, Nutritious Food, in Safe Spaces to people in-need

  • Build New Levels of Trust into our Relationships

  • Improve Minds, Bodies, Lift Spirits

  • Learn & Grow Together

  • Unite Leaders across Historical Boundaries

  • Move Forward to Live Fully