We are Forming our Leadership Team

Our leaders are diversely experienced across applied statistics, science, technology, economics, health and wellness, faith-based diversity, and ambitious human endeavor. Our senior leadership team drives the strategy and direction of our mission to deliver impact at scale.

We are currently assembling the best and brightest, passionate leaders to serve as board members, trustees, advisory, and ambassadors. These servant leaders support the relentless pursuit of our mission and keep us thinking globally while acting locally, efficiently, and professionally. Together we ballast dreams with reality so that we best serve those in-need; underserved, disabled, disadvantaged.

The VFFF Formation Team

Ike Howard, Chief Foundation Officer

Ike is the Foundation's founder, a proud militarty veteran, father, husband, and grandson of Viola Ford Fletcher. His passion fuels his life of service, brought by firsthand experience of the diverse challenges and opportunities found in our contemporary societal construct. A respectful and loving relationship with Viola and his Uncle Red, solidifies his belief that supportive governance structures: mentors, caregivers, and family are essential to achieving your creative best and living well. Ike knows that together we are better.

Viola Ford Fletcher

Viola Ford Fletcher is an American woman, a mother, and a great-grandmother. She is well-known as the oldest living survivor of one of the worst race massacres in the USA's history. Working as a domestic worker until the age of 85, Viola encourages self-sufficiency. She believes knowledge, supportive caregivers, and a quality community grounded in faith empowers possibility. She is still active and working to bring justifiable and equitable opportunities for all people.

Hughes Van Ellis, "Uncle Redd"

Hughes Van Ellis, warmly known as Uncle Redd, is a U.S. Army veteran, proud father, and brother Viola Ford Fletcher. Serving as a Sergeant in WWII, beginning in 1943, as a member of the segregated all-black Army; 234th AAA Anti-aircraft Artillery 90 mm Gun Battalion as a radar and aircraft high firing observer. His service exposed him to global realities in India, Burma, Japan, and the United States. Ellis supported his family as a jet engine mechanic at Tinker Airforce Base and worked 3 jobs as a security guard. Ellis worked until he was 85 years old. Uncle Redd's strength comes from a firm belief in family and education a person's way forward to self-sufficiency. Later obtaining his high school diploma, Ellis "Lives and learns," suggesting experience is the great teacher; valuing your experiences is essential. Always do the best for yourself and your family.

Fiscal Sponsorship Alliance

Ketteys Exchange for Children & Women Resources, Inc

Their generous support in alliance has enable the Foundation to being it's public work. Kettey's Exchange's mission is to aid all displaced people in securing counseling, housing, clothing and other essentials to sustain a better life. Ketty' serves the disadvantaged, children, and women. Specifically, providing resources to those battered, trafficked, and neglected who require bridging support. "Assisting these women and children in Ghana attain health, wellness, and safe spaces to live, learn, and mature to self-sufficiency is dear to me, as are caring for those in need in the USA and Mexico." https://ketteysnonprofit.org/


Demosophy Strategic Advisory and Management Firm

Demosophy, Strategic Management and Advisory

Demosophy is a see, feel and think tank, a strategic advisory and management firm, and one of the Foundation's the founding partners. Demosophy's framework informs the Foundation's initiatives, programs and, transparent operations. Efforts assist the Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation with its formation and sustainable advancement. The firm specializes in high-performing alliances and focused global growth initiatives with demonstratable positive outcomes. www.demosophy.com