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Moving people from despair to hope requires broad-scale involvement; reaching people. This goal makes media, influencers, and knowledge holders in all forms our essential partners in goodwill.

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Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation to improve health for 7 billion people, including the underserved

- Unprecedented partnership for humanity’s survivability and sustainability

- Includes leading cloud technology, global business leaders, His

Royal Majesty, philanthropic giving, and an attainable common goal

FRISCO, TX, February 28, 2022

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Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation Changes Black History
Vowing to level the playing field and raise the bar to heights never before imagined in personal well-being, education, mentorship, and workforce opportunity

FRISCO, TX, February 22, 2022

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Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, the Nigerian King of the IGBO Community in Ghana, Creates a Diaspora Partnership to Improve Global Health

Accra, Ghana, February 28, 2022

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Ms. Viola Fletcher Transcribed Interview Questions for Immediate Use

Ms. Fletcher, you have lived for over 107 years. Is there anything that you would like to tell all people?


Health is wealth. 

There’s still too much infighting between people. This seems true not just in our communities but all communities, families, across nations, and even between leaders. I’ve seen it my whole life. It’s 2022; we have to be better than this! Let’s apply our smarts so people can live well. 


Someone asked me recently if I have found deep inner peace. No, that is one thing I still have yet to really behold. It’s hard, I’m 107 years old, sleep in a chair with the light on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m here to live ─ freely, with optimism, but I want to sleep in peace.


I think in this people are the same. Stop the infighting is a choice, to end the petty judgment of others so we can come together on our similarities. We can make the necessary changes ourselves if we want. It might be hard at first, but you can persevere, trust me on this.


It’s important to support yourself and not look to others to make you whole. I worked until I was 85 because I wanted to support myself and my Family; I still do. Our costs for essential things like electricity, quality food, and gas continue to increase. Its hard to afford everything life demands. Companies seem to find it challenging to support opportunities for their workers to learn, advance, and make more money. Seems like we should be able to help people advance their skills and get costs under control.  


What does this Foundation mean to you?


I want this Foundation to bring hope to those in despair. So they may meet the day with enthusiasm and opportunity. Maybe leaders across faiths, political boundaries, diverse cultural perspectives can apply their knowledge and wisdom, their advanced science and technology, to support us in making real change that matters in people’s lives across the world. I want no child, no person, at any age, to suffer at the hands of another, but I also want people to be strong and self-sufficient, not subsistent. If you have health, then there exists a chance for you to be genuinely wealthy and even wise.


It appears that the world could use more people that really care about other people. I like sports, that is where competition brings out the best in people. Maybe if more were willing to share their knowledge, as teachers and mentors to young and old people, it would be beneficial.


So much change quickly makes it is hard for people to keep pace; not everyone has time for formal school. You have to continue for a lifetime. Learning is essential to health and wealth. My grandson tells me to move or lose it and keeps me engaged. He is right; it’s vital to stay mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially engaged to keep pace; maybe that’s my secret.


To keep active even if just reading takes self-discipline. People need other people. My sense is that if supportive resources, caregivers, were made possible, more people would creatively find their way. Everyone needs a caring hand sometimes, no matter how old you are. But people genuinely want to be their best.

Mission and Vision

Behind the Foundation

Ms. Viola Ford Fletcher is an American woman and the oldest living survivor of the worst race massacre in the USA's history. Its referred to as Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre. You can view Viola's Core Principles and Vision for leadership here.   


What is your mission?

To overcome generational disparity and hopelessness.

What precisely is the Foundation's vision:

The VFFF acts as the global vehicle to move people from polarizing disagreement and inequity to hope and empowered self-sufficiency.  


Our vision transcends the overgeneralized word labels that needlessly separate people, tribes, neighbors, and families. We encourage knowledge-sharing, wisdom, and hard work. We firmly believe wise leaders' working together across disciplines hold the promise of ending humanity's short-sightedness, perpetual disagreement, disagreement, and generational despair; globally.

Company Statement and Operating Location

We are incorporated in Frisco, Texas, USA.


Company Statement:

The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation (VFFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Its principles, values, and intention stem from the oldest living survivor of the worst race massacre in the USA’s history. Taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921, also referred to as Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre. The Foundation partnerships define new levels of trust and operate for the good of humanity, believing we are stronger together. The VFFF aligns with leaders who serve at the front edge of noble causes that empower self-sufficiency through health, education, and workforce opportunity. Presently, we are harnessing the best talent and ideas to produce tangible results.  

Press Release Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation's Near-term Goals and Objectives

Tell me about your Foundation’s focus in the near term?

How will we accomplish bringing health, education, and mentorship to all people?

Do you have an example of what you are talking about?

We'd like to begin here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our hometown, if possible, and are working to make this happen.

Is this Foundation connected to the Justice of Greenwood?

We will not compare activities from one Foundation or endowment to the next. The VFFF is separate in its focus from the Justice of Greenwood.  You can access their endeavors here

We discuss the VFFF, what we are assembling to accomplish results. 

Proper References and Logos

Here is our Logo:  It is available in different resolutions and formats; please use it respectfully.

Name of the Foundation:  The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation; abbreviated: VFFF


 Active members of the Family:

How to reference Viola Ford Fletcher:  Ms. Viola Ford Fletcher. Those that personally know her often refer to Ms. Fletcher as Mother Fletcher.
The Nigeria King of the Igbo (pronounced: ebow) in Ghana provided her a crown, gown, and title of Queen Mother.