Viola's Vision

Health & Care for Humanity

Peace & Prosperity

Forgiveness & Strength 

Communication with Cooperation

Viola's Vision for Leadership

To humanity's leaders:

Fundamentally people are the same. We need clean water, air, quality food, safe spaces free of violence to rest our heads, raise children, learn; love, be loved, and respected. We want to belong to our communities because they allow and support us to explore our best. When our basic needs are met, we become freer to dream and learn. 

I would like the Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation to work as a vehicle, taking us from possibility to a justifiable and equitable reality. I want this to be a forum where the best and brightest work together in an operating environment that embraces advanced knowledge and technologies to improve lives, including the life of our planet! Our methods becomes a framework for doing the right things, for the right reasons, because we care and value our sustainability and survivability. I want to create opportunities that renew hope and diminish stress. Let's level the playing field by making essential knowledge available, get it to people who need it, and support them in being healthy and self-sufficient.

Before I catch my wings, I've entrusted my grandson to fulfill these dreams. Please support his efforts to assist people in being healthy, wealthy, and wise. No child should have to suffer. I now ask you to continue forward with strength and the Lord's blessing. Stay faithful and dream big while surrounding yourself with good people who support real success. Please continue this as my life's work.


Viola Ford Fletcher
January 11, 2022