Programs that Fortify our Base
and Close Disparity Gaps

Living Sustainably

Good for People and our Planet 

Housing and adjoining fundamental services that support people requiring safe shelter, access to clean air, water, nutrition; including green technologies that improve people's lives. 

We bring decision-makers to the table to build next-generation safe spaces; including green technologies that assist people in moving from despair to meaningful, sustainable life.

Health is Wealth

7.5 Billion People,
One Person at a Time

We combine human expertise and advanced technological capabilities to promote health and self-sufficiency.

Learning to Learn

Modern Insights
for K-Adult Learning

Experiential, vocational, and virtual learning opportunities.

We bring decision-makers to the table to create breakthroughs in education. Our goal is knowledge transfer to minimize educational disparity. 

Help us create curricula and support people's success in our ever-advancing environment.

Connecting the Best and the Brightest 

The world's most pressing challenges affect people and our connected systems. Slowing the rate and reducing the broadening chasm of generational disparity depends upon all people, especially leaders. 

Shaping Futures

The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation is a rallying point for philanthropic giving and high-performance program initiatives. Its purpose is to get things done that matter to not just some but all people. No child or person needs to suffer from another's short-sightedness.

Getting the Right Things Done

We partner with those leading at the front-edge of their companies, governments, and tribes to bring value where it's needed, and in ways that can be sustainably embodied.  Our programs reach the young, old, educated, uneducated, wealthy, poor, healthy, disabled, influential, and humbly underserved people, globally. Together we create and operationalize programs that make a difference in lives through 

Collaborative Alliances

Working collaboratively, our leadership alliances enable us to see, feel, think, and act from the top-down and the bottom-up. Together, we include, not overlook, the diverse connecting points between people and the planet. 

Breakthrough Mindsets

We recognize that everyone everywhere is unique. That is why our initiatives are architected to support people achieve their creative personal best through life’s essentials: health, experiential knowledge, and workforce opportunity.

We operate at the forefront of disruptive change; lifting people from challenging circumstances is not simple. That is why we are unafraid to dialogue, engaging broad perspectives and experiences to operationalize programs that affect the root causes of our most pressing challenges.

Measure, Monitor, Refine, Improve

Our success is measured in outcomes. We look at our performance, learn and adjust to ensure our collaborative work supports a person’s ability to creatively improve their lives.