Developmental and Sustainable Living Initiatives

People, Technology and the Planet

A person's ability to survive and meaningfully persevere long term is essential. Our Developmental and Sustainable Living Initiatives provide intelligent bridging to self-sufficiency and empowerment. We support breakthrough technologies and creative minds to make new connected relationships that support growth and advancements in people and their communities. Strategically we believe in optimization, efficiency, and sustainability for people and the planet. Our reality demands that we employ the right technologies, in the right ways, for the optimal need when solving problems for people and communities in need.

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Geothermal

  • Nuclear

  • Gas

  • Coal

  • Fusion

Sustainable Lifestyles require us to think globally while acting locally. People and the planet must co-exist. Collectively we make better decisions when a core set of human fundamentals can be confidently realized. That is why the VFFF's initial focus is on programs that strengthen people and community via core fundamental human needs: energy, housing, faith-based structures, education, and healthcare resources.

The VFFF brings hope, pride, and care to people who, for many reasons meet challenges while breaking through to achieve their greater potentials. We believe that sustainable communities maintain their environments to acceptable standards, providing safe spaces to rest, recreate, learn, live, and worship while helping people move forward in self-sustaining ways.